Thursday, June 4, 2009


. Thursday, June 4, 2009


With their comparable turning radiuses, the HUMMER H3 SUV and the average SUV most definitely handle almost the same into and out of tight spots.

The typical SUV's engine isn't much bigger than the HUMMER H3 SUV's. The H3 SUV could learn a lesson or two from the average SUV as far as torque.

Drivers with frequent kid-duty might favor the average SUV over the HUMMER H3 SUV. The typical SUV is a better choice than the HUMMER H3 SUV in terms of hauling capacity, especially if you often need to carry a lot of cargo or big pets. Towing is substantially more the H3 SUV's forte than it is the average SUV's.

You will definitely have to visit your friendly gas station more often with the HUMMER H3 SUV than with the typical SUV.

While the front cabin in the HUMMER H3 SUV offers a bit more head room than the typical SUV, there really isn't much of a difference. The average SUV is not particularly roomier for your passengers than the HUMMER H3 SUV.

The typical SUV's tank is roughly the same size as the H3 SUV's, though the H3 SUV's is a little larger. The HUMMER H3 SUV and the average SUV compete for the same parking spaces.

The destination charge is a standard charge for transporting the vehicle from its point of origin to the dealer. It costs roughly the same to get the HUMMER H3 SUV to the dealership as the average SUV. The HUMMER H3 SUV will tax your gasoline budget considerably more than the typical SUV will. The average SUV isn't much less costly than the HUMMER H3 SUV when it comes to MSRP. The typical SUV will save you a lots_of_money at the pump every year compared to the HUMMER H3 SUV.

The basic warranty that comes with the average SUV isn't quite as generous as the HUMMER H3 SUV's.