Monday, June 1, 2009

2009 Lexus GS 450h 4dr Sdn Hybrid

. Monday, June 1, 2009

Lexus Vehicles

Lexus has earned a well-deserved reputation for turning out utterly refined luxury vehicles. The company has revolutionized the luxury motoring experience through its passionate commitment to producing the finest products and the most satisfying automobile ownership experience.

2009 Lexus GS 450h 4dr Sdn Hybrid


For a long time luxury vehicles manufacturers have struggled with the question of how to deliver more power without simply building bigger engines that burned more fuel and produced more emissions. Driven by the pursuit of perfection, Lexus introduced a breakthrough solution: Lexus Hybrid Drive.

By combining a highly efficient petrol engine with one or more high-output electric motors, Lexus Hybrid Drive achieves the power and acceleration of a high-performance luxury vehicle with the impressive fuel efficiency and lower emissions of a smaller car.

Lexus Hybrid Drive is the fruition of forty years of intensive research and development and has already resulted in three breakthrough Lexus models: Whether you choose the RX 400h hybrid SUV, the GS 450h performance hybrid saloon or the flagship LS 600h luxury hybrid saloon with permanent all-wheel drive, you will enjoy an unrivalled driving experience. Acceleration is extremely rapid but remarkably quiet, while the Electronically-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT) delivers extraordinary smoothness without the jumps between gears that can occur with a conventional transmission.

Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicles partner a petrol engine with one or more electric motors to deliver seamless power and responsiveness. The systems in each vehicle in the hybrid range are intelligently integrated to constantly manage the vehicle’s power sources, ensuring the optimum balance between power and economy.

Under normal conditions, only the electric motors are used when the vehicle starts, moves off and travels at low speeds. This means zero emissions, for example, in stop-start town driving. When the vehicle accelerates, the batteries send power to the Power Control Unit (PCU). This then redirects power to the electric motors at the front and rear, allowing the vehicle to move off smoothly.

The engine powers the vehicle as normal but, to give high acceleration, the electric motors support the engine, for instance, when you need to overtake. The engine also powers the generator, which redirects surplus power to the PCU.

Kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost during braking is converted into electricity, which in turn is sent back to the batteries. This means you’ll never have to worry about recharging them.

You might be drawn to a Lexus Hybrid Drive vehicle for its fuel-efficient performance, or perhaps you want to reduce your impact on the environment. Whatever your reasons, you will be rewarded with an incomparably sophisticated driving experience.